Ten……Ten Months……… Ten Months People……. That’s how long its been since my last blog post.

Zero……. Zero Letters……… Zero Letters from my fans asking me if I’m still alive.

Now what does that say about my impact on the blogging community?

not dead yet

After a long and seriously needed respite from the extraordinary adventures that are my life, I have decided to revive my online empire and blow the dust off of my writing skills which have become quite rusty as of late. The saddest thing about my absence is that there has been a TREMENDOUS amount of activity which occurred during the last 12-10 months. My life has literally changed in SO MANY ways that a new and improved wutzupham is now typing to you dear reader. Because it is impossible to give you the details for all these events, here are the main highlights.

  • Got a fantastic internship at one of the largest companies in the Word.
  • Received a job offer from this company because they liked me so much.
  • I turned down this job offer because I got another job offer from the largest professional services firm in the world (literally)
  • My little sister got married.
  • My parents renewed their wedding vows.
  • My the littler sister who got married is now prego.
  • Both grew and shaved something similar to a beard.
  • Got accepted into the Wake Forrest University’s master’s of science in Accountancy program.
  • Got a Full-Ride Scholarship for the Wake Forrest University’s master’s of science in Accountancy program.
  • I finally graduated UNC Charlotte with 2 degrees.
  • Experienced my first real hangover.
  • Joined an orthodox community.
  • Got kicked out of an orthodox community.
  • Turned 23.
  • Got my first speeding ticket.
  • Took my first cruise to the Bahamas.
  • Got my $2000 work computer and my own $1300 Macbook Air stolen from my car the same night.
  • Bought my first drum set.
  • And had my first gig as a model in Charlotte’s 2015 version of the “Nice Jewish Boy Calendar” [pics to come].

And with the exception of being kicked out and the stolen laptops, these were probably the most rewarding 10 months in my recent history. Stay tuned for more posts of awesomeness!



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Jewish, Accountant, Social Media Marketing, Avid Coffee Drinker, and Blogger.

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