Wutzupham Visits: Granada, Spain

Please check out my photos at the bottom of this post!

Talk about a College Town | Unfortunately, I only spent 1 day in Granada. After checking into my hotel, I went for an hour walk through the modern part of the city and I got some interesting vibes. First off, Granada appears to have a younger population since the University of Granada, as well as other colleges, have a tens of thousands of students in Granada. Walking to streets you see that of younger college age students just socializing outside of University buildings. Funny store; during my walk on that first evening, I noticed this one particular street that had a lot of people wearing leg casts, arm slings, using wheelchairs, and patched up with various bandages on their bodies. My first thought was, “Damn, this is a hardcore hood!”. But it turns out that I was walking on the street where the Granada Medical College treats patients for subsidized medical rates! Lol. Never judge a city by its wounded…but as I kept walking I passed up a very large University library, dorm buildings, and more academic centers. I tend to compare Spain to Israel a lot and I apologize if this bugs you…that said the modern city of Granada sort of reminded me of different suburbs of Tel Aviv but with cooler weather. I’m sure there is a lot more to see in the city of Granada, so I’m marking this one as a “Come back for 4-5 days”. Fun fact: Did you know that the Sierra Nevada region is the USA is named after the Sierra Nevada region in which Granada is located? The looks and feels are so similar when the Spanish colonized the Western USA, they gave it the same name from back home.

The Alhambra, Jewel of Granada | The most famous landmark in Granada of course is the amazing Moorish Palace called the Alhambra. Alright…it is totally impossible for me to describe the Alhambra Palace but lets just say that once after 11 years of battle the Muslim King Boabdil surrendered the Alhambra’s keys to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle during the reconquest in 1492, they were so impressed with the structure and its surrounding gardens that they had to make it their own personal residence for a short while. And then after them, some dude named King Charles decided he would construct this weird Roman-ish looking Chapel literally like 40 ft away from the Alhambra’s main structure. As if that wasn’t enough he also made a 2 story Roman amphitheater just for good measure. It really strange walking out of the purely Moorish architecture and then see these 2 large Roman looking buildings just chilling on the other side of the street. Almost like walking into an epic dance battle between 2 great civilizations. I recommend walking along the Alhambra’s walks & ramparts as well as getting lost in one of the many beautiful palace gardens. The gardens by the way are, in my opinion, even better than the palace. People sign up 6 months in advance to get their wedding picture taken in the Alhambra gardens, and while I was there I saw a bride and groom to be on their photo shoot! Sightseeing in Granada seems like it took most of my time at the Alhambra and its gardens and unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to really check out the cafes and bars in the city.

Michelle Obama & Flamenco Dancing | Ok, if you are visiting Granada you MUST see some Flamenco Music & Dancing at this particular spot. For about 20 euros you can have front row seats, in middle on an Gypsies catacomb cafe, while you sip on a glass of tinto. The rhythm of Flamenco…OMG. The energy and passion of the singers, guitarists, and of course the dancers is second to none. Please go to this website: and buy your tickets. This show is so good that even Michelle Obama got tickets to see this group a couple of years ago. If you love music and dancing, this show will really open up a whole other world of rhythm and soul! There is another great spot in Seville that I would recommend but its a little more expensive. You can read about it here.


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