Grad school. Just when you thought you were smart and generally successful as a person you get slapped into a reality in which you don’t know shit aka: a Masters in Accounntancy Program at a prestigious Private University on a full-ride scholarship. I’m pretty self destructive as a person but I never thought my end would come from studying to hard. But seriously guys, I already have 2 undergrads degrees, a killer resume, and sole tripped out experience but this a whole freakin different ball game of business. 

To get an idea of grad school for accountants, imagine you’re drowning…and then someone hands you a tax exam…and that’s it. But seriously though, this stuff is freaking hard. 

So long story short. my life sucks right now. Not that I don’t like learning or even taking classes for that matter. It’s just that to the point of death is a little exubirent don’t you think?

All my non grad school friends be like, “hang in there you can do it!” and they be sayin “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Ha! I’m sorry but what you failed to emphasize is that is almost KILLS YOU

So that’s why you haven’t heard from me lately. I’m like 3 countries behind on my travel blogging so assuming I don’t die before winter break I will try and get on that. 


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Jewish, Accountant, Social Media Marketing, Avid Coffee Drinker, and Blogger.

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  1. Hang in buddy…keep your focus on the destination and this way the trip will seem a tad easier . Now I know its hard but its a thing you have chosen ( I guess its like the marriage – in it for better and for worse…) so you must keep going.

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