Here is where I place my life story, I guess?

A collage of wutzupham's experiences

Brief  Bio –

Well it all started before I was born. Way back in the night before the day, Hashem divinely arrange a series of couples to raise their children in the ways of righteousness. One of the greatest of these couples just so happened to be my parents! I love them and cannot express my gratitude for my entire family. If not for my loving family, friends, and community, I’d  have a very different a slightly more depressing story. Bottom line, wutzupham is a family man.

Resumé –

My abilities include bookkeeping, blogging, cooking, saving the world from destruction on HALO, beginner rock climbing, reading, chanting different Tefilot in Hebrew, making ice cubes jealous of ‘my coolness’, marketing businesses on social media networks, eating exotic cheeses, balancing transactions on financial statements, and trying to be a good Jew-ish boy in the process. In other words, wutzupham is a man of many sweet skills.

Achievements to conquer in the future

  • Become world’s leading expert on coffee
  • Achieve status of Avid Blogger
  • Become fluent in Hebrew, Spanish, or Heblish (whichever comes first)
  • Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with my G-d